This is a promotional poster I designed for my typography class’s exhibition, ‘Aa-Zz!: a typographic installation’ as part of the graphic design team. The exhibition was held from 12-16 October at 26 Constable Street in Newtown.

As part of our assessment, each student was given a letterform to reconstruct either as an animation, object or poster.

I was given the lowercase 'c' and responded by creating 3 series of posters:

អក្សរស៊ី (letter c, 2021)
inkjet on heavyweight coated paper,594mm x 841mm
When modern meets traditional. 
The phonetic flexibility of the lowercase c is visualised through a contemporary take on classical Cambodian hand dancing. A letter that changes in sound depending on the surrounding letters. A celestial dance rich in history and decades' worth of craft. 
The Apsara dance originated in the 7th century with over 1,500 hand gestures each filled with deep significance and meaning. Once combined, a beautiful story of Cambodian culture, myths and nature unravels. 
The poster series combines black and white photography of traditional Khmer performing arts with geometric shapes and lines.

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