‘From me to you’ is a design project that comprises 3 Zines—The Past, The Present & The Future which recounts my family’s migration experiences, my experiences as a second-generation Cambodian New Zealander and how I re-imagine the future for Asian New Zealanders. My project also has 3 A3 posters and 3 postcards which further explore the theme of culture and identity from my perspective. My goal is to publish and distribute my project throughout New Zealand in hopes that it will connect with the Cambodian and Asian diasporas in Aotearoa.
As a second-generation Cambodian New Zealander, I feel as if I am a bridge between two cultures, countries, and traditions. I have first-hand experience of navigating my identity and know of many people who are able to relate to my experience. I hope to help young Asian diasporas in New Zealand cope with their unique identity and at the same time raise awareness and normalize conversations about this issue. As well as provide a sense of community/belonging for Asian diasporas.

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