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Engkhor—A fusion typeface dating back to the 7th Century, អក្សរខ្មែរ and English (Tikkanen, 2020). 
The name 'Engkhor' derives from the Khmer word 'Angkor' and 'English'. An extra 'h' is added to reference a shortened version of Khmer, Kh. 
Elegant, expressive, graceful and poised best describes Engkhor. 
Engkhor takes the visual characteristics of the Khmer alphabet such as the rounded shapes, and circular loops and combines them with the modern English alphabet. Its seven characters are all based on a letter or number in the Khmer alphabet. 
An abstract approach is taken to re-design and re-imagine what a typeface could look like if two entirely different letters from entirely different languages are merged into one. Engkhor was originally inspired by Ahn Sang Soo’s Mano font where the English alphabet was reinterpreted with the characteristics of the Hangul alphabet. 
The Engkhor typeface is hand drawn with ink to replicate old Khmer scripts carved on the walls of ancient temples scattered around Cambodia. The organic yet fluid quality of the letters is shown through the linework and roundness of the characters. 
Engkhor perfectly embodies the dynamic and synergetic force of two merging languages, alphabets and style. 

Source: Tikkanen, A. (2020). Khmer language | Britannica. In Encyclopædia Britannica.

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